10 questions speed dating

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You can easily meet as many as 25 prospective dates at a single event.

It’s a great way to enlarge your social circle and meet new people.

If you are a pet lover, then this question might be crucial.

Figure out whether or not he’s supportive of keeping pets. Perhaps he’s a homebody who would rather stay indoors and treat you to candlelight massagers and homemade dinner or maybe he’s the adventurous type that loves to travel and explore places. Don’t hesitate on asking whether he wants to know something about you too.

Maybe the questions he asks may give you a better opinion on how he is as a person.

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Was he a dominating individual that his woman could no longer stand? You can skip this question, if the guy already stated that he’s been divorced.This is an important question, as many people look to date a person who’s the same age.If he’s 45 and you’re 21, you might want to wait until the next guy comes to your table.Where there are good qualities, there are also bad.Ask him whether there is anything he would wish to change about himself.

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