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Bowtei, Salamander Hanzo, Fiori175, government may take wolves off the endangered species list.that means hunters and anyone can kill, hunt, trap and skin wolves or kill them for the fun of it.Grow up people, your harems are neither tasteful or funny.And i like the funny harems, what with all the girls coming up with various plots to win our hero over, they all get in each others way, things snowball from there and it all ends with embarrassment and possibly nudity while we the readers get to laugh our asses off.

when people change it to Naruta or Narukie or some such nonsense they're doing just that, writing meaningless words.i hear that and because it's this site I think of tasteless fuck fests. Fallen leaves challenge Okay everybody time for my first challenge.If any of you have read my Fallen leaves story you should get the basics of what I'm talking about.This is my first time doing something along the lines of "people want to know about you" thing.i'm the outcast of my school so as per usual with outcasts i retreated to fantasy. I instantly fell in love with all things Japanese when i was seven and i absolutely have to go to japan again (been there once before, only it lacked the giant lizards) My favorite Anime are as follows Naruto Bleach Getbackers Burst Angel Deathnote Cowboy bebop Ranma 1/2and so many more. enjoy,read my stories or i shall sick the Telemarketers with Gai like personalities on you.

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