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Interestingly there were 2 pioneer railways in Armenia, the relatively well known example in Yerevan and a second one in Gyumri, (aka Leninakan).

The Leninakan pioneer railway was closed following the catastrophic 1988 earthquake, which destroyed large parts of the city and killed an estimated 45,000 people.

James has now been to Ponta Delgada and has sent a fascinating first hand report which includes a lot of historical background on broad gauge harbour railways (updated 3rd Ocotber 2014).

There are railway museums in Brest (opened in 2002) and Baranovichi (opened in 1999), see some good pictures.

John Dodds reports (21st June 2008): "I've found two 0-10-0 tender locos just outside Sumgait on the road going north and three and a half loco 2-10-0 tender type at the back of the main station in Baku.

Its dangerous to search too hard for anything around the railways because they are still considered by the authorities as a strategic part of the defences!!! (This being part of the former Soviet Union, I assume the 0-10-0s are from the ubiquitous E/Em/Er class or similar and the 2-10-0s most likely L class.

That would leave only the narrow gauge steam shunting at Oskova/Banovici in operation (12th May 2015).

On 13th May 2015, Hugo visited Tuzla and confirmed the ban was in place although everyone hopes for a work around.

At Bukinje 33-248 was being sandblasted, 33-504 was standing on the depot outside and 33-236 was inside and ready to be switched with another 33 (17th May 2015).

I have been arrested twice, once for attempting to take a photo of the 2-10-0s and the second time I was arrested was for taking a photo of a door with a Moorish arch at the main railway station . RD) Earlier Tim Littler reported after a visit in late 2002: "Very efficient and well run railway, only steam noted at Balandry depot on the outskirts of Baku where there were several intact L's and Er's and the remains of many more.

The management had indicated that their reserve of approx 100 locos was being cut up." in) gauge steam locomotives at Ponta Delgada in the Azores - see that from Chris Brady from some time back that of a June 2008 visit by Colin Churcher the latter has links to pages describing other relics (16th October 2008).

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