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Other than the above, about the only reason I would break a date is me being in a car accident (or serious car problems) that would prevent me from getting there. I break dates all the time ,its no big deal.one of my friends calls me up and says I have my dads cabin for the week on Mt Tremblant,,guess where I'm going.

Even something like a major work issue, it might make me say "can we make it 7Pm instead of 6? Wow, I had the same thing happen to me......called me five minutes before the movie and gave some excuse about his truck breaking down....but, oh by the way, I'm at the bar down the street if you wanna come hang out. Really, its not that the guy isn't into you,,plans change ..does have a life besides dinner dates..ladies would never want to date me,,my plans change all the time....

JMO, You are only a week into knowing each other, so don't put too much into it.

There is a book you should think about reading-"He's Just Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt- it may give you a new perspective on your situation- and then you just have to decide what you are willing to put up with from him or anyone.But those type of things are (hopefully) few and far between, and I would hope that it would be understood (and if you couldn't, not sure I'd want the relationship anyways).The distance on the phone, and the short cryptic excuses, to me say he's not really interested. I went into the theater and saw the movie myself, had a great time! Its obvious to me some of you have not dated very much...If he asks you to "hang out" again, be calm; but firm and say something along the lines of...Gee (his name) I'd love to make plans to do that with you; but I'm concerned that you might decide last minute to cancel on me like you did the last time.

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