Aboriginal rock art dating dating advice secrets

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This method was used throughout Australia, and if the shelter is protected from the elements, then the artwork will still be visible.Other forms of artwork include ochre paintings, as well as charcoal drawings and etchings, although stencil art was the most common method.Back to top Shelters with art are clearly defined by either stencil art or charcoal.Stencils are produced by mixing ochre in the mouth into a wet paste, then spraying it over the object to be stencilled onto the wall of the shelter.Middens differ immensely in shape and size, from a few shells scattered on the surface, to deposits that are metres thick and buried beneath vegetation.

This site potential diagram shows where in a landscape Aboriginal sites are most likely to be found.The Sydney Basin is one of the richest provinces in Australia in terms of Aboriginal archaeological sites.There are thousands of Aboriginal sites, more than half of which contain rock art, and in Sydney’s sandstone belt at least 1500 rock shelters have been discovered to contain cultural deposit.Paintings are drawn with white, red, yellow and black pigments and charcoal drawings are also common.Back to top A single artefact depicts an isolated find.

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