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Because even its greatest critical and creative triumphs — Hannibal foremost among them — have not turned out to be hits.For cable and premium networks, that’s not as much of an issue, since niche series for small audiences can still find a home without as much pressure.Dorothy Gale (Adria Arjona) is still a resident of Kansas, but she’s an adult who works at a hospital and is drumming up the courage to confront her birth mother, who lives nearby.On the night of the fateful twister, Dorothy finds her birth mother wounded and telling her she is in danger, but in another instant Dorothy is swept up in a police car (it’s best to not ask too many questions) and delivered to Oz, where she accidentally runs over a witch.

Singh, who helmed all 10 episodes, leaves a distinct visual imprint on the series, which filmed on location all over the world in an attempt to minimize CGI.With intermediate students, peer attention is usually more positively reinforcing, In junior high and high school, activities involving peers, early outs, no homework, and writing notes are typically reinforcing.Teachers can determine what is positively reinforcing to their students by simply watching what activities students choose when they have free access to do whatever they want or what they do a lot of.Positive Reinforcement What is positive reinforcement? Positive reinforcement is anything that occurs after a behavior that increases the likelihood that the behavior will reoccur.Many teachers do not believe in positive reinforcement because they do not want to reward students for just doing what is expected. Positive reinforcement naturally occurs in everyone’s daily lives from infants to the oldest adult.

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