Ajdating nulled script

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I am interested in protecting my own code.) A nulled script is when somebody changes a script to remove the protection implemented by the author.For example, when they remove call homes or registration checks or etc.

That may mean that the domain is not popular enough or well-promoted yet, but it may be still safe and promising.“So they try and pinpoint what they can get.” Atkinson and Marquez will take part in this Saturday’s live final, alongside Burke, Joe Mc Fadden and Debbie Mc Gee.DMXReady provides web professionals and do-it-yourselfers with an easy way to add robust database-driven content to their websites.I'm learning about web development and I just came across the term "nulled script". I would be great if somebody could explain it in a few words. (Just to make it clear: I don't want to steal code. I don't really understand how open source php, javascript web software in a LAMP environment can be protected or at least how the software can call home if it's modified or transfered to a new server...

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