Alex fong dating stephy

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I do not have the right to regret." The Anniversary star also gave some insight about how breaking up gives a better chance to find someone more suitable.

The Cookies lead singer also apologized to her fans for not being a perfect example of love."There is lot of pressure when a real couple becomes onscreen couple Everyone has great expectations of us.

Alex Fong want to announce through the agency that they have decided to end their relationship with each other.""Stephy and Alex came to the conclusion to split up after giving it a lot of thought.

The two are also thankful for each other's support and love in the past 10 years. They hope the media can respect their decision and won't make any assumption on the matter.

The couple released an official letter through their agency, confirming the breakup.

The statement read: "Sun Entertainment Culture's contract artists Miss Stephy Tang and Mr.

But as a real-life couple playing lovers onscreen, there was a lot of pressure. By using the Jayne Stars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Everyone’s hope and expectations for us, everyone’s well wishes for us…

Though he’s had his fair share of dating rumors with other celebrities since their split, they were either denied or ignored by all parties.During an interview shortly after the separation announcement, Alex was overwhelmed with emotion at the mention of Stephy and could not hold his tears back.An insider later also revealed that Stephy felt emotionally distressed seeing Alex tear up.Ten years ago, we got together because we liked each other. We did not do anything to hurt each other.” Stephy hopes that they will both find greater happiness in the future with different respective partners. Even though our relationship has changed, I will continue to see him as one of my closest family member whom I will continue to protect, just in a different way.” Source:; Oriental Daily Jayne Stars Media LLC reserves all copyrights.Ten years later, we are splitting because of understanding.” Defending Alex, Stephy took the initiative to clarify any assumptions of a third party involvement. I do not have the blessing to be with him until old age. “Separation is to allow us to perhaps find a greater love, and a more fitting partner.” Stephy continued, “As an onscreen couple, everyone adored us. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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