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Having failed to secure a successful claim from his brother’s insurance policy, Pierre started cooking up other insurance schemes and murdering people in the process.

(During this time, he eventually took the insurance company to court and managed to get his brother’s life policy paid out.) The schemes involved offering loans to people on the condition that they take out a life insurance policy with Basson as the beneficiary to ensure that he would get his money back even if something should happen to them.

He kept her body (and later her skeleton) hidden behind the Garden Court Holiday Inn hotel for six months.

The skeleton was found in 1996, but the police could only now attach an identity to it.

Wilken’s full confession revealed disturbing details of his crimes.

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Wilken was sentenced to seven life terms behind bars.He then invited Jasper to go fishing with him on February 3, 1903. He approached other fishermen on their way to the beach and told them that his brother had been swept off the rocks by a huge wave and that he wasn’t able to save him from drowning.Despite a long search by the community, Jasper Basson’s body was never found.She then realized her son left for home two days earlier and had not been seen since. The Bakers family was familiar with Wilken and he had even stayed at their house for a while.Police arrested Wilken on January 28 but let him go after Wilken provided them with a believable alibi.

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