Astronomical dating of mahabharata war Free video chat lines

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Mahabharata war is considered by many to be a historical event.The epic states that a singularly ominous pair of eclipses occurred in - Thirteen days - some time before the war.Bharata has been continuously and relatively densely lived in for thousands of years and in Northern Bharata the archeological evidence is difficult to come by because of many 100's of generations of people living in same area.Hence, it is usual to look for Puranic and Vedic (written and oral recitation) astronomical evidence to substantiate the time periods.As is true of all such documents like bible stories, Scandinavian, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian and other documented local folklore, the historical truths are likely to be anywhere between absolute truth to vivid imagination.An objective analysis can help in determining the likelihood of folklore being a historical fact or not.

It took efforts by Schliemann and others to show physical archeological evidence of existence of Troy in present day Turkey, and Homer's poems having historical relevance.Mahabharata epic story was written by, Vedavyaasa (or Krishna Dwaipaayana) after the Mahabharata war.Vyaasa is also credited with codifying the existing branches of Vedas.Lunar eclipse followed by solar eclipse on thirteenth day is in a single lunar month etc...This reference to Thirteen day eclipse pair appears to be a unique astronomical observation.

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