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In the first place, it is an abhorrence, and should be an anathema to all feminists, that we are told that men are programmed to rape if they do not get their rocks off.

It is one of the most pessimistic and inaccurate views of male sexuality I have heard.

Not one man chose not to have sex with the women upon realising this.

The men, mainly white British, spoke of how they decided which woman to have sex with, often based on how he perceived her ethnicity, or her compliance. I told myself that I’ll be with different races, e.g.

“You pay for the convenience, a bit like going to a public loo,” said another of the charmers.

My book explores how and why wider society both buys into and perpetuates the mythology about why men pay for sex.

I was part of the team that interviewed 103 sex buyers in London.

Over 50 per cent of the men, who were interviewed at length and face-to-face, admitted that they knew the women they bought were trafficked, pimped, or otherwise coerced.

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The women are nothing but, as one prostituted woman said to me, a “spittoon for men’s semen”. “A prostitute is like an outlet to a pressure cooker”, said one.They are paying for sex because without the money the woman would not consent. I have been interviewing sex buyers since 1999 when I, with sex trade survivors and other feminist activists, set up a re-education programme for men who pay for sex in West Yorkshire.In 2009 I was a researcher on a major, six country study on men who buy sex.All our escorts are unquestionably so very qualified to amuse to a life changing experience to all the awaiting privilege clients out there.The utmost and fore most motto of our escort services is clients satisfactions.

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