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In 2012, buying a home in the Bay Area was 24% cheaper than renting, but by May 2014, that difference had flipped, and it’s 6% more expensive now to buy than rent, according to the New York Times.

And with companies continuing to add employees, every year more people are looking for housing in the area.

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But it can be more difficult to find a place — vacancy rates and the percentage of housing for renters are lower here than in other cities in our top 10.

Here are some other trends we discovered in our analysis: Price-to-rent ratios make a difference.

The places with the highest price-to-rent ratios shot up to the top even though we averaged the three factors equally. Each one of the top five cities is home to facilities or headquarters of major technology companies.

From Zillow, we gathered price-to-rent ratios from July through September 2014.

A higher price-to-rent ratio was weighted positively.

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