Benefits older woman dating younger man

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Even your mind can benefit from physical activity, as it generates endorphins in your brain which are associated with good feelings.If you’re an older man who hasn’t settled down to have kids yet but still have hopes for a family, dating a younger woman can increase your chances.“Many younger men are more connected with their peers than they are with the idea of being a couple,” explains Naples, FL-based author and relationship columnist April Masini.“They don’t want to miss out on being part of their group, with whom they glean their identity.”Although you may be ready to walk down the aisle, it can be hard to get a younger man to put a ring on it.Your biological clock is ticking away, meanwhile his might not even be turned on.Women in their mid-20s to early 30s are prime for baby-making, but “younger men don’t have the ‘dad” gene in them until they get to be more established and mature,” says New York City-based matchmaker Janis Spindel.“In turn, doing new things increases dopamine in the brain, triggering a desire to spend more time together and assisting in lighting your sexual fire.”An even bigger bedroom bonus?

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As women get older, their ability to conceive and carry a child goes down, especially when they’ve reached their mid-30’s.

This isn’t to say middle-aged women can’t have children, but if having a family is a major priority then older women who have passed their reproductive years might not be for you.

For both young women dating older men and older men dating younger women, the differences in maturity have benefits.

From a young woman’s view, an older man is more mature than the men in her age group.

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