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The NYPD is soliciting bids for up to 5,000 body cameras, and dozens of smaller cities have put out similar calls. The big players in the US are Taser, Vievu, and Panasonic, all of which are currently vying for the NYPD contract — but even as they compete, the companies have all seen unprecedented growth.

Twenty-nine major cities in the US are signed up to some level of Taser’s Axon platform, including San Francisco and Washington, DC, but it’s struggled to land huge departments like New York.

New features can be developed to increase community involvement or broaden surveillance powers, all depending on the customer’s need.

In true Apple fashion, that’s also come with an aggressive marketing push.

"When we arrived last year it went from, 'maybe this is interesting,' to 'we're doing it.' It's just a question of when." That interest has been enough to draw outsiders into the game.

On the first day of the conference, Motorola announced that body cameras would be built into its new line of police radios, adding video to one of the most widely used pieces of police equipment in the country.

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