British dating scams danny huston dating olga

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We have advanced methods of identifying forgeries and will refuse your application if you use them.They say they can speed up the process of getting a visa and may ask for payment in i Tunes vouchers for the progression of a visa application.As part of the official application process, you must give us evidence that you have enough money to support yourself, but we will never ask you to give us money.They tell you they can get you a visa using forged documents.

A genuine employer would direct you to this website, where you can make an official application.Fake websites are designed to look like official ones for the UK government or its official visa enquiry services.Official UK government websites always have ‘uk’ at the end of their website address.They tell you to send money as soon as possible using different methods of payment such as Money Gram, to prevent some kind of action, like deportation or cancellation of your visa.They ask you to pay a deposit as proof that you have enough funds to support you in the UK until you receive your first salary.

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