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Prepaid credit cards can also be an alternative for individuals with poor credit, as they do not require credit checks and typically only have lower balances.For more information on the available of prepaid cards through ANZ here is the link.If you are currently living with bad credit, yet still require additional credit, it is important to know what your options are.One such credit outlet you may need to help you support you finances is a credit card.The CIBC bank offers a card that is geared towards individuals who need to begin establishing their credit.This ‘Newcomers’ Card offer can be viewed through the following link: https://com/ca/credit-cards/and can provide further insight into how effective this card can be to those who have zero credit.The provider can use this amount as collateral in case the borrower defaults on the payments.

Instant Approval Credit Cards Other cards that also work in a similar manner in terms of the approval process, are Instant Approval Credit Cards.These do typically involve some form of a credit check, however.This process takes seconds and can be performed over the internet through a credit card provider site.An overview of this card is as follows: Student Credit Card Offer The ANZ Low Rate credit card is a great card for students. ▪ Up to 55 days interest free ▪ Minimum Income Requirement of ,000 per year Once again it is best to contact the institution and inquiry about the cards you are interested in and as a result you can gain advice and even be directed to a card that may be a better fit.It features a 55 days interest free and a low credit limit. The National Australian Bank also offers a wide selection of cards that may be suitable for individuals with lower credit.

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