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[Translations: Japanese] When we look at technology we see pipes and blinking lights.But in the cosmic view, technology is the acceleration of evolution.Minds – and not just human minds – bestow on life a greatly accelerated way to learn and adapt.This should not be surprising because minds are built to find answers, and one of the key things to answer might be how to learn better, quicker.One way to think of this is to imagine life on a quest to find all the possible forms.

Of all the tricks that evolution came up for increasing its evolvability none compare to minds.

More so technology is how our society learns and introduces change.

It is almost a cliché to point out that technology has brought as much change on this planet in the last 100 years as life has in the last billion years.

So the presence of minds in life has increased its evolvability; the discovery of mindness has driven evolution in many new directions while also creating a new territory to explore – the territory of possible minds.

The most recent extension of this expansion is technology.

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