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The student described the installation as a way to "bring into the Brandeis community a different narrative about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict." The timing (in this case, immediately before final examinations) and physical location of an exhibit often require as much dialogue and discussion before being undertaken as the exhibit itself.

In the absence of any larger educational context, various administrators received reports that some students found the exhibit confusing and upsetting.

Perhaps the most industrious of the leaders listed is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, with a net worth of billion. Target challenged the plaintiffs' physician's "differential diagnosis" (which was actually a differential etiology) under Rule 702.

Forbes estimates the renowned racehorse breeder also helped raise Dubai's gross domestic product from about billion to nearly billion since 1994 by diversifying its industries outside of oil and making successful investments overseas. Ann Althouse wonders whether "law students know (or believe) that we lawprofs mean for the exam to be a rewarding educational experience? UPDATE: Rick Garnett has prompted more discussion on this topic at Prawfsblawg. The court found that the methodology of differential diagnosis is a generally reliable one, and then added that any weaknesses in the expert's opinions go to the weight of his testimony, not its admissibility. ) circuit court case for the proposition that "[f]aults in an expert’s use of differential etiology as a methodology or lack of textual authority for his opinion go to the weight, not the admissibility, of his testimony".

Brandeis encourages serious discussion of all issues, including many that are sensitive, controversial or even painful.

For that very reason, the University pays careful attention to the time, place and manner in which exhibits, debates, talks, etc. The concern is heightened when public space at the University is being used.

Should I be getting worried at this point or are my friends just being chicken littles during the market's pause in appreciation?We estimate his fortune based on his economic power over a web of state-owned companies including El Palacio de Convenciones, a convention center near Havana; Cimex, retail conglomerate; and Medicuba, which sells vaccines and other pharmaceuticals produced in Cuba. It's an elaboration because, for example, the Joiner decision stated that courts MAY exclude testimony if an expert witness has taken a potentially reliable principle or methodology, but not applied it reliably to the facts at hand; Rule 702 states that the court MUST do so. This judge has apparently slept through the last thirteen years of expert evidence jurisprudence.] This case is one of many examples of a court relying on stray dicta from cases that are no longer good law, and paying mere lip service, at best, to the text of Rule 702.Nevertheless, many federal district courts are simply ignoring or merely paying lip service to Rule 702, and relying on pre-2000 circuit court precedent. So note to federal district court judges, and their clerks: you shouldn't be relying on any precedent on expert evidence from before 2000, because those precedents relied on a different version of Rule 702, not to mention that many of them were decided before Kumho Tire (1999) and Joiner (which are themselves less strict than amended Rule 702).It makes me feel like I could make a living selling money trees (or maybe Brooklyn Bridges) to naifs.As I pointed out last June, the launch of "" was "a sign of the housing apocalypse." The decision to take down the Palestinian picture exhibit has been seriously misunderstood and mistakenly characterized as censorship.

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