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Since then, sex between us has always been fantastic, even after the 11 years we’ve been together, I still feel the same excitement that I felt the very first time. I’m also certain that David has never cheated on me, so why did I do it? No matter how fulfilled David makes me, and believe me he does, there’s one thing he couldn’t give me and that was the feeling of another man’s cock inside me.Why should this bother me when David is everything I want? I guess there was a simple longing to see if it would feel different.My name is Heather, I’m 30 years old and I have a secret. Well to be honest, it was more of a fling than an affair, but it still involved cheating on my husband. I had a number of boyfriends before David but he was the first that I ever slept with. Anyway, if that was the case, then David was certainly Mr. We’d been together about 6 months when I surrendered my somewhat dubious virginity to him.

We’ve been together for 11 years and married, happily, for 7. Seems unlikely since I was happy to do everything else.We lay there, motionless for a while, savouring the feeling of our bodies joined together for the first time. I sighed with pleasure as his cock worked its way in and out.I gripped his cock with my pussy as we lay there, kissing deeply. David began to increase his pace and my hips began to move, rising up to meet each thrust of his cock, our bodies moving in a harmonious counter beat.As I said earlier, I’d had plenty of boyfriends and I’d been pretty adventurous with them but only David had ever fucked me.As the years we spent together went by I felt a kind of “regret” for all those wasted opportunities.

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