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It was only through networking on Facebook I found readers and a few bloggers.

She gave me the “kick-in-the-ass” I needed to keep going.And I did something ballsy stupid/smart – I emailed Jeff Bezos directly and asked him why Create Space novels were not eligible for entry into the Amazon sanctioned “Vine Review” program.Due to their response and some awesome first communications with Create Space peeps, Anyway, over the years, SOCIAL MEDIA RELATIONSHIPS went on to launch countless author careers and we rely HEAVILY on those relationships to continue building our reader audience. We have built NETWORKS for other authors to find their foothold.I’ve kept her emails, her red-line comments and suggestions, and when I was finally able to, shared earnings as well.I put her in the next book and gave her witty dialogue because she went way above and beyond for me and earned it. Finding readers outside my familiar circle was difficult.

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