Chinese speed dating

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However, in the 1990s, attitudes towards love among students started to change.

In 2005, universities started to take an attitude of 'not support, not oppose', and getting married was not forbidden for college students.

"We try to match age and personality while mixing up things such as the professions of each participant," said Zdzarska.

The ratio of expats to Chinese among women is about 50-50, she says. "That way, you can meet a mix of everyone you'd want to date, whether they're expat or Chinese, man or woman," said Zdzarska.

Thirty-four-year-old American psychologist Devon Stafford, who has attended Fishbowl speed-dating events more than once, says it's all about options.

"Bars are too seedy and this way you get to meet everyone in the room," she said.

I attended the party to look for possible dates since I don't want to go to a blind date arranged by my parents," said one female attendee.

Mei Zhigang, a professor from the Central China Normal University, said 'leftover women' anxiety is caused by society.

Mei Zhigang said that around 1987, students were not allowed to fall in love or have relationships in the Central China Normal University, and the university even had a 'detective team' to investigate any 'suspicious activity'.

"It's difficult to find a Western girl who wants to date a Chinese man," Chique said.

"But at the speed dating I can at least talk to them." Chique has attended three speed-dating events and has not yet found himself a date but he is not letting his lack of success so far deter him from his goal. While the event is littered with ups and downs, sometimes the encounters can just be embarrassing.

Stafford recalls one speed dating session where, after the first minute of conversation, she realized she was talking to a coworker.

"I found out I worked with this person and did not know it. "We both felt kind of stupid." Fishbowl events will host a Charity Valentine's Day speed dating event at Face Bar on Feb 7, at 7 pm.

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