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Police said they believed they were stolen to order.

The burglar ignored Old Masters paintings by Raphael and Anthony van Dyck.

In 1994 in Denmark, 7% of women and 8% of men were classed as obese. This is according to a study carried out by the National Institute for Public Health.

'The fact that there was a blind spot in our CCTV system is something I was completely unaware of - but obviously he wasn't.

'Just how he succeeded in getting back down the ladder with two cabinets worth of valuable porcelain I'll never know.' Lord Gage, a former Army officer whose 34-yearold son was also in the house, said: 'There were a number of people here but nobody noticed a thing.

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Peter Christensen is Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester and is a specialist in modern architecture and environmental history with a particular interest in transnational exchanges between Europe and the Islamic world.

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