Clay bucholz dating

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Clay Buchholz’s wife went there with him to do some of that annoying white-savior-complex stuff.

Formerly, Lindsay worked as a television travel guide, but I think she is just taking care of the kids now full-time.

Rival teams, Klentak said, are aware of his abundance of starting pitching.

Whether that leads to a trade of an arm for a bat remains to be seen.

“This wasn’t necessarily a position that we were targeting to fill,” Phillies general manager Matt Klentak said, “but we felt that the opportunity was right.” So the Phillies were happy to spend .5 million and a minor-league player, Josh Tobias, to bolster a crowded starting rotation.

It was a trade that fit everything the Phillies have attempted to do this winter: Improve the 2017 roster without blocking young players and resisting the shackles of a long-term financial commitment.

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