Consolidating debt with initial morgage

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Let the professionals at Marathon Savings Bank build a construction loan program that is just right for you.We can alleviate a lot of stress by providing you with quick, helpful answers to all of your construction loan questions.We are currently advising dozens of people feeling the weight of pressure from Sheriff Officer letters, phone calls and knocks on the door. Click here for more information on preventing Sheriff Officer action.From day one, our team will take care of all communication with your creditors on your behalf.These solutions typically involve repaying a small amount over a number of months.Our advisory service is honest, straight-talking and backed by the UK’s leading insolvency specialists.Meaning no more chasing phone calls, no more debt collector visits to your home, and no more threatening letters through the letterbox.We will assess each possible solution including trust deeds, debt arrangement schemes and sequestration.

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By working with our experienced, trusted and friendly team, you can get on with your life knowing that you’re being taken care of.

Take a spare hour, dig out your receipts, utility bills and bank statements and enter as much detail as possible into the Complete Budget Tool to figure out just where all your money goes.

It may feel like hard work, but this is one of those occasions where you really do get out what you put in!

We have achieved this feat with thousands of Scots since 1989 and our vast experience and expertise helps people just when they think they have nowhere to turn.

So regardless of whether you’re struggling with credit card debts, sheriff officers, council tax, payday loans, mortgage arrears, employment issues, store cards or any kind of finance or lending, you can talk to one of our dedicated advisers and get 100% FREE debt advice.

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