Courteney cox dating josh hopkins

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Only Courteney swears that they’re “just friends” and it’s “platonic.” I don’t know, I wouldn’t go on vacation with a single male coworker even if I assumed he didn’t want to get in my pants.It sends the wrong message to both the guy and to anyone who might hear about it.According to a Cougar Town set source, “Courteney and Josh are great friends.There’s definitely nothing going on there.” [From People] These are some very clear staged photos that two photo agencies we use have. Josh Hopkins told her he was part of an undefeated break-dancing crew in school in Lexington, Kentucky, because there were no other break-dancing crews in Kentucky.costar Courteney Cox are dating is unfortunately false.It’s not so outlandish that you don’t know what’s going on, but there is crazy stuff. There were five of them and they were called The Fun Bunch.

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Update: Radar Online has quotes from Josh’s dad, a U.

They’re not typical paparazzi shots, and are meant to show off Courteney’s hot bikini bod and new somewhat subtle boob job.

She probably thought that the press would ignore the fact that she was there with Hopkins because they brought other people with them.

So to get on a show that went on like this, this is what you look for. You can never think it’s going to happen, but you can hope.” Hopkins looks back and reveals his favorite scene to , his off-set drink of choice and the show title he would have chosen for “Cougar Town:” What was the vibe like on set the final day? TBS loosened up the reins a little bit because of ABC and Disney. Do you think the title should have been different or do you like “Cougar Town”?

It wasn’t that sad, it was more just appreciation and love. Maybe there are things on TBS that you can’t say on ABC, but nothing day-to-day that was really distinguished. I guess one of the reasons it didn’t explode or really become more popular is because of the name.

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