Cultural dating sites

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The moment it becomes a relationship (or ought to be considered as such) is when one of the members involves affirms that neither will see other people, such as asking "Will you be my girlfriend? We also have casual sex here, meaning two people having sex without dating as opposed to two people dating without having sex.

It's not too frowned upon in most cities, but in the more religious/suburban areas it's not really something you would bring up to anyone.

I see "dating" as merely a term for "being involved romantically with someone" and the degree of seriousness being more tied with the length of time youve been at it - "we've only been dating a couple months" vs "we've been dating for over a year now." I'd probably stop using the term if I'd been with someone for many years, lived with them, etc.

in other words if it became more akin to marriage and I was pretty damn certain it wasn't going to end, but up until that point it's still just dating, even if you're very committed to the person.

When you ask someone out you are typically only committed for that one date. I have not seen formal dating that often, but it does happen. It's much more common to invite someone over to your house to, for example watch a movie, which hopefully ends up with the two of you having sex.

To do that, something must've come prior to the invitation, like flirty texts or making out at a party. From what I understand "dating" is more focused on sex here.

Does it happen a lot that the boy/girl gets frustrated/sad because they ve been dating for lets say 8 months and he/she signalises that her 'dating' will never end in a relationship? In the above circumstance though the meaning is in the context.

Dating for 1.5 years would mean being in a relationship.

Sometimes people still screw other people during this phase.I was just trying to narrow the questions down a bit :)Disregard what Yoohoo said.. I'm pretty sure you can see that for yourself though, when he claimed that the US is more diverse than "Europe" as if it were a single nation.An invitation to come over and watch a movie implies sex very strongly and is pretty normal for a second or third date, here.Is it common to date someone and have sex with another person?I often see people saying "Ive been dating her for 1.5 years". How can you meet someone frequently (over 1.5 years) without having feelings for him/her? It's confusing because it varies person to person.

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