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The SQL syntax to create a materialized view includes many options for when it is first to be run, how often it is to be re-run, and so on.

This requires an advanced reference manual for your specific system, and is beyond the scope of this tutorial.

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For this reason, a view is sometimes called a named query or a stored query.• The syntax to remove a view from your schema is exactly what you would expect: A view name may be used in exactly the same way as a table name in any SELECT query.Once stored, the view can be used again and again, rather than re-writing the same query many times.• You could create separate views even on just the Employees table, and control access to them like this: CREATE VIEW phone_view AS SELECT emp FName, emp LName, emp Phone FROM Employees; GRANT SELECT ON phone_view TO public; CREATE VIEW job_view AS SELECT employee ID, emp FName, emp LName, job Title, manager ID FROM Employees; GRANT SELECT, UPDATE ON job_view TO managers; CREATE VIEW pay_view AS SELECT employee ID, emp FName, emp LName, pay Rate FROM Employees; GRANT SELECT, UPDATE ON pay_view TO payroll; • Only a very few trusted people would have SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE privileges on the entire Employees base table; everyone else would now have exactly the access that they need, but no more.• When a view is the target of an UPDATE statement, the base table value is changed.

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