Dating a bro U k free adult dating services

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I went to an overwhelmingly bourgie college mostly filled with business and PR majors who were essentially the Stepford Wives of academia.

Since it was a small campus, everyone was innately incestuous and by your senior year, there was a good chance you had ended up making the usual dating rounds.

If he starts ditching you for “bro time” on the regular, SPRINT for the hills.

He’ll either make little to no time for you, or you’ll wind up chilling with him and his friends, which will probably make you unhappy and/or fat because all they do is smoke, eat and watch "Entourage" while pretending they’re lives somehow relate to the show. Idealistically, they want to stick to the same exact lifestyle they had before and have a girl that will mold herself to fit into this lifestyle. You have a life, too, and it's just as important, if not more important, than his.

There's nothing more romantic than das biers and das boots, though.11.

It sits there, day in and day out, filled with gloopy grey powder and water, serving some kind of larger Bro Purpose.

The Basic Bitch phenomenon continues and we couldn’t help but do a guy version: the Basic Bro. Here are 30 signs your man is cookie-cutter and could use some originality: 1.

Let’s be honest — most guys on dating apps aren’t serious.

The blender is always in the sink because he uses it for daily protein shakes.

You're not sure who knows more about it, actually.14. Which is super cute, except you will never have a deep and meaningful relationship with a human Livestrong bracelet.

What is frightening, however, is that these guys, on the surface, appear to be like any other normal college guy.

Their ability to seamlessly blend into their surroundings poses a terrible threat to single college students everywhere: Any unsuspecting person can accidentally find themselves dating a business major.

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