Dating old maps

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Many of the original paper maps from which these digital versions were scanned are held in the Historic Environment Office.Mario, our Geographic Information System (GIS) includes historic maps of more of Lancashire at scales of ,600 (c.1845) and 00 (c.1890) for several towns.Map image shown above.) This map shows the territorial boundary set at the controversial 54°40’ parallel that fueled the famous Oregon boundary dispute of the 1840s.Lastly there is this wonderful post route map of the State of Washington which shows the intermediate distances of mail routes in operation in 1897 and includes a list of counties showing relative position within state (RARE MAP 912.797 UNITED 1897.Windows XP/Internet Explorer 6: By default this browser resizes images to fit the screen.To view the maps full size you will need to un-tick the resize images box under:- Tools Multimedia.

dating old maps-65

dating old maps-70

dating old maps-72

Several of them had to be scanned as greyscale to retain legibility and have had to be published as jpegs with some loss of quality.

Note: In 1974 the administrative boundaries of Lancashire were redrawn and the Counties of Greater Manchester and Merseyside formed.

Apart from the whole county maps we have no detailed maps of those areas.

Modern aerial photographs are also available for all of Lancashire.

Because of internet limitations the map area is smaller than the maps here but if you are interested in an area not covered here then it is definitely the place to try.

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