Dating scammer from ghana Cam2cam ipad xxx

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“por favor me ajude,perdi meu emprego,perdi 60.000 reias em envio para esses caras,diziam ser do banco eu não sei o que eu faço,se possiveil estenda sua mão,tenho filho de 8 meses,estou desesperado,espero teu retorno”“Please will help me,lost my job,lost 60,000 reias in sending for these expensive,said it would be of the bank I do not know what I,if possiveil extend his hand, I son of 8 months, I am desperate,hope thy return”“I have just been scammed by these people calling themselves Microsoft windows support.Exactly the same as above unfortunately I fell for it.Although the tone of this blog is often lighthearted, these scam emails are real.

At this point I have already informed the British High Commission about it all anyway, informed the dating site where I first made contact, informed the Bank that they are using as a front, told my bank etc, etc.

Of course this can’t be done for some reason or the other. When I said no more money and they realised that I meant it Mr Bank Manager rings and tells me that my “friend” has been taken into hospital with a heart attack and he needs money to pay for his medical treatment.

I tell him to contact the British High Commission in Accra who will help.

Through this my sister who has some health issues that makes her very vunerable has sold her home in order to make funds.

I have written to this man via email asking releveant questions and he refuses to answer.

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