Dating someone after a divorce

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If you're the one who's keeping the house, for example, your ex needs to give you a signed copy of the deed to the house.If you don't know where the deed to the house is, check with your lawyer, a title company, or the recorder of deeds in the county courthouse where the property is located.You can use this letter as a checklist to help ensure nothing gets accidentally overlooked.According to your judgment, you may need to complete certain tasks and transactions by a specific date.

Your judgment may require you to handle more paperwork, payments, and the transfer of assets.

In the example listed above, you would secure the debt by placing a ,000 lien against the house (record this lien at the county courthouse where the property is located).

This means that your ex can't sell, borrow against, or transfer the house without paying you first.

And now you have the challenge of As with most divorce-related matters, this is going to seem like a formidable challenge indeed.

But take heart: if you can maintain a positive attitude, and get some good advice and information, you can tie up all the loose ends and get on with creating a satisfying new life for yourself.

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