Dating someone with lots of debt

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I currently make ,500 (before taxes), which is for 25 hours per week including evening shift and weekend work for which I’m paid extra. For fun, we enjoy camping and kayaking and often go on weekend camping trips in national parks, or to some of the dams and lakes within an hour’s drive from our house.

We go for longer camping trips to the beach on holidays.

We love to entertain at our place by hosting a BBQ, or by going to other’s houses.

But in the last few years our BBQ entertainment has begun to blow out the budget with gourmet meats, snacks and side dishes instead of the basics we used to serve.

He says that his withdrawal of this amount is non-negotiable and that he won’t consider a lesser amount.

Luke used to attend a public school, which only cost us .50 a month.

My hobby is cooking, and I am always forcing my family to try out new recipes I’ve made. Luke plays cricket in the summer for his school team, soccer in the winter also for the school team, and does drama classes throughout the year outside of school.

Additionally, any invites that include Luke, even the mum and kids invites I get from the mothers of his schoolmates, seem to be at paid places such as water parks or play centres.

We live near lots of beautiful lakes and scenic walks and almost every day we enjoy walking the dog as a family.

I undertake regular volunteer work at Luke’s school and serve on several committees there. Additionally, my new job is very active in community work in Queensland and I’ll be running my first fun run shortly, which I have fundraised for.

I never really intended to go back to work as I was happy being a stay at home mum (maybe this is why I never completed university), but financially we have reached a point where I felt I needed to contribute.

After I complete my degree, I should be able to obtain a part-time position that pays approximately ,000 (before taxes) per year.

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