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As Commander-in-Chief, the Governor General performs many duties, including: The Minister of National Defence is a federal Cabinet Minister who has management and direction of the CAF and all matters relating to National Defence.

The National Defence Act sets out the Minister’s responsibilities, which include: It is the role of the Deputy Minister to articulate a corporate vision for the Department.

In most respects, DND is an organization like other departments of the Government of Canada.The best way to find a veteran is through a veterans' organization.Canada's largest veterans' organization is the Royal Canadian Legion, which publishes Legion Magazine, where you will find several public service columns including "Last Post", an obituary column that is now backed by a searchable database on the Legion website, and "Lost Trails", which appears only in the print version of the magazine.The Deputy Minister of National Defence is the Minister's most senior civilian advisor on all departmental affairs of concern to the central agencies of the federal government (such as the Privy Council Office, Treasury Board and the Public Service Commission).The Deputy Minister of National Defence’s responsibilities include: The Chief of the Defence Staff is the senior member of the CAF, and the senior military advisor to the Minister of National Defence.

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