Deadly teen dating tyra

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Not because that guy happened to be someone I knew but because what they did was wrong and the woman thought she would get away with it because the law always defends females when it comes to violence with males.(Lucky I’m not a judge, I don’t play favorites whether your male or female).For a woman or girl to blame themselves for a guys behavior is rediculous (unless as I stated it’s a case where you are coming at them with a weapon).That is a punk excuse for a guy to tell a girl/woman "You made me do this" and/or ‘It’s your fault". Unless their life was in danger where they had to put their hands on you to get you off of them and/or they were being attacked with a weapon, it’s not your fault.

If ever a man/boy is in a relationship when he feels he is getting angered and may act out in physical violence then it’s time to "walk away".Because I rejected their advances they would come around me every chance they could get so they could make sarcastic comments about me and the persons I chose to date. I had filed complaints on a few (which was necessary) and then finally they stopped, as I guess someone took action.Then you have the abusers who try to abuse you every chance they can get close to you because you don’t want to be a part of their clique and/or you are a better person which others recognize and they can’t stand that and do everything in their power to make you feel bad about yourself so that you will bring yourself down to their level (which is, they don’t truly feel good about themselves, they just put up a front and they don’t want you to feel good about yourself either).Yes, there are different types of abuse and different reasons which may be the cause of it.A person may have come from/grew up in a home where there was violence (now this is not always true).

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