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This makes the employees’ job that much harder, when trying to rein them in.They bumped it up to Herb’s [Kelleher, CEO of Southwest] desk, with a note: ‘This one’s yours.’ In sixty seconds, Kelleher wrote back and said, ‘Dear Mrs. Love, Herb.'” Gordon Bethune is a brash Texan (as is Herb Kelleher, coincidentally) who is best known for turning Continental Airlines around “From Worst to First,” a story told in his book of the same title from 1998.He wanted to make sure that both customers and employees liked the way Continental treated them, so he made it very clear that the maxim “the customer is always right” didn’t hold sway at Continental. If they think that you won’t support them when a customer is out of line, even the smallest problem can cause resentment.One woman who frequently flew on Southwest, was constantly disappointed with every aspect of the company’s operation.In fact, she became known as the “Pen Pal” because after every flight she wrote in with a complaint.

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