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“Couple that with 25 girls using their blowdryers and hair tools and the production lighting, and I was a sweaty, greasy mess all of the time.”The Day-To-Day With the 24-7 possibility of being filmed — even while lounging around the house — many of the women felt pressure to be constantly camera-ready.“I did my hair more times in that eight to nine weeks than I have in my entire life — I am still dealing with the damage I did to it,” says Whitney.I remember contouring Jillian, and doing Whitney’s and Mackenzie’s brows.” Luckily, others returned the favor. They did braids and really high, [Princess] Jasmine-like ponytails, incorporating my extensions, for me."Of course, that benevolence didn't always come across in the final edits.“For the one-on-one date I went on with Ed, I had 20 minutes to get ready,” says Jaclyn. Storch's gift is literally music to Montana's ears.

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“It was full of bathing suits, OPI nail polishes, makeup, Kai products, Rich & Skinny jeans, Wildfox tees, and the Sultra Bombshell wand, which I still use to this day and am obsessed with.

I liked my alone time and not having to fight for a mirror.” (Many women told us that a lighted makeup mirror is the must-have beauty item to bring to the mansion.)To top it all off, it’s hot AF in there.

“There is no AC in the mansion, because of sound quality, and it was super-hot when we were there,” says Ashley S.

“You have bad lighting in the mansion, for sure, and there’s, like, seven mirrors in the entire place,” says Ashley I.

“I used a little mirror outside on the balcony for natural light.

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