Doctor dating patient

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However, I have noticed subtle displays of body language that indicate he is also interested in me.

(I've been reading up on body language since this began.) Also, during an eye exam, in casual conversation, he shared with me that he is a single parent.

We also feel good about ourselves when we feel that the other person we're talking to likes us, which makes us like the other person more.

This is why flirting has such a positive effect on people.

Currently, she works at one of the leading children’s hospitals in the country in the NICU, PICU, and CICU, as well as working as a Certified Breastfeeding Consultant.He could have given you (and other patients) his cell phone number because he wanted you to have a direct way to reach him during the holidays when he would not be in the office.Given managed care, this type of service is rare today.When offering a compliment be specific about the behaviors he and his staff provided, for example you could start the conversation with an opening such as: "I just wanted to personally thank you for the great medical care you provided me during a very stressful time." Then offer him some specific behavioral examples of how he and his staff provided quality care.You could close this part of the conversation by saying, "thanking people is a personal value of mine and I think it is too often overlooked in today's society." This will give you an opportunity to change the subject by talking about the values he teaches his own child or how sometimes it may be difficult to teach children values in a fast-paced society, etc.

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