Dr phil dating a married man

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" Girl you a gold digger and you selling yourself for sex.

CCTV footage allegedly captured him slamming her son Lincoln's head into the ground, making a kicking motion, then carrying the child while nonchalantly getting himself a piece of pizza.

And this women had the nerve to say it's a man thing..it's a greedy thing..their missing something somewhere else.want their cake and eat it too. You basically can be single and be in a relationship at the same time without all the added duties/responsibilities.

One of the women was having her whole life basically paid for.

She got a new apartment that was fully paid for by him (00), a new car, a monthly allowance (00) and when they were together he would pretty much buy her whatever she wanted.

She said something like, "Why should I have to go home at night to this broken down old shack with nothing, when he is going home to a huge house and a home cooked meal?

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