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According to the usual way pregnancy is calculated, you are considered four weeks pregnant.

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Over the long spans of evolution, the exact relationships have been lost, but it makes sense that the pineal gland in your head, a vestige of a third eye that in lower animals responds to light and helps with circadian rhythm and which is involved with pigmentary changes affected by estrogen and progesterone, is linked to the periodic light of the moon and the mysteriously related menses.

These intervals have been called “lunar” months in the past, coinciding with the repetitive phases of the moon.

The word “menses,” from which is derived “menstrual” cycle, is a Latin connection with the word for moon.

It was a term contemporary with the “lying-in” that meant the same thing.

By the time you’re “late” for your period, that period which will never come, you are already two weeks past the time of conception.

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