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In the months following, they planned for Jai to fly out to New York City around New Years Eve to meet and spend time with Ariana.

Jai flew out to see Ariana and they finally met in person for the first time on December 30, 2012.

They went ice skating in Central Park, saw the musical Wicked on Broadway, went bowling, explored the city, went out to lunch with their friends, and for fun, did each other's makeup and posted the videos to Youtube. There is a video of them kissing and saying goodbye at the airport.

Jai gave a surprise visit to Ariana on the set of her music video for "The Way" in February.

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The next two weeks Jai stayed in New York and spent all of his time with Ariana.They frequently posted pictures on Instagram and Twitter of being with each other and stating how much they loved one another.Jai came to the set of the "Popular Song" music video, Ariana's Wango Tango performance, gave her a charm bracelet, and was present at multiple of Ariana's interviews where he sometimes joined in; they went to Disneyland together and Ariana rented Jai a sloth named Lola for his 18th birthday.The brothers then started the hashtag #Jai Vs Luke For Ariana which trended on Twitter.Ariana's mother, Joan Grande, clicked on the hashtag and then started to watch the Janoskian videos on Youtube.

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