Elephant journal dating a yoga goddess

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Indian influence is most patent in handicrafts and the old names of coins used there.

Many social customs current there show a likeness to the Indian ones.

One of the most difficult problems the Spanish faced was the subjugation of the Moros.

They were perfectly free, politically and economically and their people representing an integration of Indian and indigenous elements had no links with any Indian state and looked upon India as a holy land rather than a motherland a land of pilgrimage and not an area of jurisdiction."It is impossible to believe that the Hindus, if they came only as merchants, however great their number, would have impressed themselves in such a way as to give to these islanders, the Philippines, the number and the kind of words, which they did give.It is inferred that the Funan, Shalendra, and Mahapahit kingdoms had relations with the Philippines.At present Manila is the capital of the Philippines.In fact, the script of the Filipinos has some obvious similarities with that of South India."Our dialects belong to the Dravidian family." says Justice Romualdez.

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