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I have wanted to write a blog post for months now but patient care has left me with no time.

Last week, I vacationed in Maine and Massachusetts, where the weather was no less than perfect.

There is always a bit of truth in what others say about us.

Yes, it is true Texans are not known as humble people.

Yes, our politicians are not well liked outside of the state (Ted Cruz is regarded as the most hated member of the Senate among his peers).

Yes, it is also possible that many Texans are overly righteous and judgmental types who believe in self sufficiency and abhor any type of public assistance.

You can set the thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter.

If we ourselves want assistance in our moment of catastrophe, it goes without saying that we should be kind and giving to others less fortunate or less able. I’m assuming that since you are here you are looking for solutions that will apply to your water, maintenance or fuel and lube situations.CTE has been in business since 2003 building products to make life easier for those of us involved in general construction and equipment maintenance.The other, not so good things about Texas, I try to do something about.It is up to each of us to make right the things we don’t like.

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