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So don’t get stuck on thinking you need to turn to the yoga world.

In my experience, other yoga teachers are the least likely to know anything about Kundalini.

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You are not just undergoing extreme adjustment of your nervous system and physiology, you are (whether you know it or not) experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, for you are getting in touch with Source at its deepest level–you are discovering that in a very literal sense you and It are one.Click here to sign up for the book launch list and go into the draw to win one of THREE print copies.It can be scary, disorientating, dislocating and downright awful when Kundalini awakens.What’s important is that you are taking time each and every day to be truly with yourself – in mind, body and soul.It’s easier and easier now to find information on Kundalini, and it can be reassuring to read accounts from other people who’ve gone through the same process. What’s true for one person, might not be true for you.

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