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You can forget going to your local supermarket to buy the latest Playboy or Penthouse magazine.

Thinking of renting an adult DVD at your local video rental store? Go back to momma's basement and enjoy your blue balls, bitch! Yep, for the damn prudes ruling those countries, it's still a big taboo topic, although pornographic consumption is on the rise.

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The government in India and Pakistan won't give a single fuck about your personal stash of Sunny Leone smut hidden under your bed.

Everybody seems to have a sick fetish taboo fantasy about impregnating their mom or sister these days!

Many men also fantasize a lot about their wives banging their "devar" (brother) in an affair, capturing it on hidden cam like a spy and exposing them online! Don't you dare to say "no" to a guy, when he's trying to get into your pants, or you may risk getting an "acid in the face" attack and be scarred for life!

It's totally legal to possess pornographic material or to watch it online.

Thanks to the internet and access to smartphones people in these countries are also able to find jerk off stuff much easier, since the production, publication and distribution of such content is still illegal.

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