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Getting all the basic stuff in check and out of the way, of course remembering how shit m$ was and thanking the heavens I got out of that mindless, self-indulging piece of shit most people naively claim is technology.At around six O'clock in the morning I was just plain bored and too tiered to concentrate and ly cause some chaos on Battlefield 3.First, my eyes were drawn again and again to that 13-letter composition, and then the sound of its 4 syllables echoed fluidly in my head like water moving, and finally that reciprocal beating of the rhythm of the word with my heart that happens when my body's trying to tell me something began.It occurred to me that it might be the little girl in me that was trying to soften toward him again after he betrayed my trust for the 4th time in as many months. To an independent, perceptive, dominant woman in all other aspects of life, this shouldn't have been the epiphany that it was.But that just felt completely desperate and I wasn't even really bothered to get a eyeful of anything, I mean; cummon ...there is porn EVERYWHERE online - why 'work' for it.I came to the same conclusion as every time I end up on that bullshit site.

The Ethernet controller without internet was definitely the most fun part.

I confess that I want the whole world to see my dick.

I love it regardless of the size and I'll always be proud of it :).

"In 1981, Rolling Stone Magazine called 42nd Street – in particular that portion of the famous street between 7th and 8th Avenues – “the sleaziest block in America.” Once known for its legendary stages and movie screens, this section of New York’s entertainment district now played host to adult films, live nude shows and a virtually unregulated world of prostitution and drug abuse." --Greg Young, The Sleaziest Block in America (2015)Vintage, Classic, Grindhouse, Sexploitation, General Exploitation & Schlock, Euro-Porn Art films, Pre-1990s Fine Art/Fetish Erotica & Porn Mags, cult films and vintage music (1920s-1980s)Music (preferably live): eg Doors, Zeppelin, early outlaw country, jazz, blues, punk. Kitschy 60s, 70s tv also welcome.*A Beginner's Guide Add your own content, that of other members, and feel free to post in the group forum your relevant experiences, reviews and links. As i stumble into the living room i trip over and fell, David walked up to me his massive cock at eye level, "suck it now" he said. It started to swell in my mouth, he put a large hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth, he was very firm but gentle.

Do not over-share your own content (or anyone's, for that matter). Slowly getting deeper and deeper in my mouth/throat with each thrust.

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