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We also appreciate any feedback about these adult games, and especially any bugs you may find.A conversation with Elizabeth Mendez Berry, who wrote the Vibe magazine's 2005 Love Hurts feature about domestic violence within (and without) hip-hop.He's not someone that acquired female fans by bragging about how he mistreats women. @ VEe - and the cause of Israeli attacks on Palestine with tanks is kids throwing rocks... By the way, have you heard of the white ribbon campaign? While it is true that violence and abusive behavior exists within both genders just as racist thoughts and actions exist in both black and white folks) there is such an enormous power differential that a "50/50" measurement is ludicrous, erroneous, and misleading.I'm not saying that women don't hit/attack men ever or even that they don't contribute to bad situations they find themselves in but... We all need to learn how to calm the eff down and solve our issues with words. While it certainly occurs, shelters are not overflowing with men who are systemically abused by their wives and girlfriends.-------- Update: Elizabeth wrote to clarify that she misspoke at the end when she said it's the leading cause for all women 15-45, and she sent over more info about where she got the statistics referenced in the video, see below.

Go to any club around midnight and watch the reaction when a decidedly sexist hit record is thrown on. Here's a few more links to add to your list, more in the "what next for allies" and "analysis" categories.

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She recommended these resources for more on the issue: Men Stopping Violence If you have any other recommendations please leave 'em in the comments!

Thanks to Racialicious, What Tami Said and Afrobella for inspiration.

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