Goals of updating kids website

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They'll gain a sense of fiscal responsibility, even with very small amounts of money.

Really young users can build their addition and subtraction skills as well.

Kids choose a username, a password, and an avatar as well as currency (you can pick a real currency, such as dollars or euros, or a heart, star, or point system).

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" /Kids can learn money-management skills, including goal making, saving, and general organization.

Parents need to know that bankaroo is a website that allows kids to manage their money online.

Parents sign up to create an account; they'll get an email registration link to confirm and can then add accounts for each kid.

They'll learn perseverance as they save up for a special toy or item and can strategize how to allocate incoming money.

Updating their accounts with recent purchases, kids will see exactly where their money is going and can watch how long-term and short-term savings goals are doing.

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