Graduate student and professor dating

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To use a term not then current, there was no harassment worth the name.

Nor did they act from the promise or anticipation of academic favours, or fear of reprisal if they declined my casual invitations.

adviser be having closed door meetings for hours on end? The student has even finished his qualifying exams so I know they aren't working on research.

But it was not easy to make clear sense of the charge.

First - if there is something going on, the chances are very good that the university has regulations against this kind of thing.

It doesn't matter whether the professor is married.

What you and the 3 others who have concerns need to do is contact this advisor and address his availability. If you get no response or if the response is not satisfactory then the 3 of you go over his head with the same complaint, you are not being adequately advised etc.

They aren't going to ignore 4 people with the same complaint.

Just tell them you haven't been able to meet with your current advisor, he doesn't seem to want to advise you, and that it's time to switch.If they're really spending 9-16 hours a week in his office, with the door closed, having some kind of sexual encounter, you don't even need to consider reporting them.He is exercising such poor judgment that this whole thing is going to explode before you know it, and you don't want to be anywhere near the shrapnel.I talked to him about changing his screen saver because of the impression it might give his students.And before people accuse me of homophobia, I would have said the same to a male professor with a screensaver full of gorgeous young women.

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