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But Taemin is also a withdrawn, tormented soul who has dark fears plaguing him.

He is the only student that does not melt into a puddle of goo at the sight of Minho.

i thought that it was a moment to remember, fans will always enforce this couple..ahhaha.."hankyung hankyung"ahh.awesome!! might as well contribute somecredits: soompiluv HK4ever - thanks for the clip, omg that was sooo cute!!! it seems like heechul is always the one who starts these moments, he so obviously loves to be around hannie!!! I bet before he went in to get the laser surgery, he and Han Kyung joked. As much as they love each other * evil smile *i hope Heenim get better soon. I am assuming that Hee Chul got too excited for Hannie and tripped thus breaking his nose hahaha am i thinking too much??

I hope Hee Chul oppa gets better, and Han Kyung guide Chul oppa until, he could see better. if Hannnie always by Heenim's side, Heenim will get better soon.i would like to share this gif that i found @ ^^ I took it @ [email protected] hannieheenim.30.Here the thing...22.03 Su Ju 9 memebers went to China to attend Olympics concert,If Heechul didn't hurt his nose, He will come too T^TIn the concert, a fan put up Heechul's light board, Geng saw the board, point at it and smile very gentlely and softly. ahhhh..really sucks that heechul couldnt make it to China, i hope his nose is better.. yeah, hannie was informed about the torch bearer news on the 19th, i read that in various websites.

Shi Han is.this couple is still popular as always!! he never got a chance to visit china, something always happens to him when the group has activities there. Could someone confirm when exactly did Hannie learned that he got pick as a torch bearer???

lol..i mean the whole mentioning everyone's name EXCEPT for hankyung?? I heard Hee Chul got laser eye surgery and now hurt his nose. * cry a lot * China and Korea.............................. It was in the news March 20 but if he found out on the 19th...

the idea crossed my mind since i read in the news that Heenim injured his nose on the 19th too.

i remember in one interview hangeng said that his first kiss was when he was 19..that was around the time he went to korea, so i'm wondering if it was with a korean or a chinese girl? aww, wouldnt it be cute, when they have their wedding, they'd be each other's best man =]actually they're all still very young in my opinion, even the oldest of them, leeteuk is still young, so i don't think there's any need to hurry about marriage yet. and yah, there are some crazy fans out there, hahaha, but hey, they need to have a life of their own. lol..hanchul is such a cute couple noir_mireille13: love your artwork! wah you girls are talking about marriage already??? For a ordinary citizen i think 24-25 is the marrying age but if you're an idol like Han Chul..i think hannie is the only one who could be his wife cuz he's so patient with him lol!!! of course now Su Ju are all still too young, i don't want them to get married now, no way!!! u guys prolly read Heechul's letter o fans during the Fan meet and its sooo funny how of all people he'd forget to mention his beloved Han Kyung...idols usually settle down after their 30s or even later sometimes. but honestly, i love Han Chul and all the other Su Ju members and yes, i will be a bit heartbroken when they find their other half but i do not wish them to be single for the rest of their lives. but i think Chullie is just being Chullie thats just another way for him to draw people's attention to Hannie [email protected] haha, i saw the msg he gave the fans, i wish i can see an actual vid though, but i thought it was so ironic tat he would forget hankyung.ALL ppl. i wonder if hankyung got "mad" when he forgot his name..and it's so cute how the fans were screaming that he forgot him.the accent..hahah. I know, when Hannie is around Hee Chul, maybe because hee chul is older than him he lets Hee chul take the lead, then he follows.

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