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For the majority of people, talking about sexual assault was taboo. In 1990, Mike approached one of the few experts who spoke around the country on sexual assault.

The expert was surprised and impressed with how Mike was a college student passionate about making a real difference on the issues surrounding sexual assault.

Mike’s passion is to share key skills and insights for helping teens make smarter and safer choices when it comes to issues of dating and intimacy.

Dating for the first time (or ANY time) can be exciting for a young person, but it can also be a little scary.

As he held the phone tightly to his ears, he simply could not believe what he was hearing.

For two years, he struggled to deal with the rape and the effect it had on his life – both as the brother of a rape victim and as a male.

Dave is a sought-after seminar leader and trainer on the subject of anger management with adolescents.

Most people had never been given the skills needed to support a survivor of sexual assault or his/her family members.

Kantor, who is also an assistant professor at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, suggests using things that happen in your daughter’s everyday life to check in.

And only 13% of teens report having sex before the age of 15.

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Interventions Dave calls “Anger Managers” are discussed in this interview.

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